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"You lost the war, why dont you get over it?" this is one of my personal favorites.  From time to time we get some ignorant person, ussually a yankee.  Who just has to say that same old phrase.  The fact is....right is right and wrong is wrong.  The UNION was the one to violate the constitution during the civil war, they were the one's responsible for the deaths of so many Americans.  The fact is, that the Confederacy was the ones who were wronged


Are you a Racist group?

I dont beleive we are a Racist group, but there are people out there with some strange ideas.  For example, some people think the Confederate flag, name or anything southern is is a wonder they dont boycott grits and fried chicken.   There are even groups out there who put anyone who does not bow down and worship their liberal idea's on some hatewatch list where they try to smear your name and reputation by putting your group up next to some satanic white nazi sex cult or somthing.  We do not claim to be a racist group or a hate group.



Are you a militia group?

Not really…..while we would help in most instances to aid the USA, we are not citizen soldiers in defense of their cause.  Our loyalties are to the people and to the cause of the great Confederacy.



Are you Terrorists?


No way!!!  We might not agree with the politics of the current occupational government, but we would in no way want to hurt our Union brothers or for that matter our own people who may be in the line of fire as well.  Some of our members have even suspended their status with us and swore an Oath to the Union so that they could be US soldiers and fight back against the terrorists who have killed so many people on this continent.  Talking about illegal terrorist activities is grounds to have you kicked out of our ranks.