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           The Confederate Army
       Contact us by email at;


       The Confederate Army is working on some serious changes to its website.  We have been very busy and have not had the opportunity to update the site in a while.  Please stay with us.  for current information on what is happening to likeminded individuals please visit although they are not exactly like the Confederate Army, their views reflect many of those of our own members.  For merchandise I strongly suggest visiting if you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact me.


We have now been under Union Occupation for 150 years. For the next 5 years there will be American Civil War re-enactments like never before.  I urge you to attend some of these events.  It is important to take time to honor the brave men who fought against the federal tyrants in the War Between The States.  This is also a great opportunity to help educate folks about the TRUE reasons behind the "Civil War".  Most folks have happily accepted the myth that the war was fought over slavery, rather than learning that it was in fact fought over States Rights and preserving the America that our forefathers had founded. It is not until people are educated that they can truly be free.


The Confederate Army does NOT condone criminal activity.  It is against standard operating procedure for ANY officer or person in command to ask you to partake in something illegal.  If someone in this organization asks you to break the law, DO NOT and report it immediatly to for reveiw.  If you do break the law, you do so at your own risk and are not acting under the authority of the Confederate Army.  We the CSA abide by the law!