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The Redneck Shop

The Redneck shop is the BEST place to get all of your Confederate merchandise.  It is the biggest and best place I have ever seen and I have been to many Rebel shops.  Sadly Mr. John Howard the businesses owner has faced a lot of heat over his Redneck Shop in Laurens, South Carolina.  He is not some evil devil like the news media all too often portrays him, but rather a kind soft spoken Southern Gentleman of better and bygone days.  He is very knowledgeable of the history of the South and is always ready and willing to answer questions about the Confederacy and the Klan.  He used to run the World Famous Klan museum as well as run his Redneck shop.  For those of you who may be a bit shocked now, I want to let you know straight up, that this museum was put together in a very tasteful fashion and was very educational to all those who were lucky enough to walk through it's doors.  Sadly, due to various reasons the museum had to be closed.  The Redneck Shop however is looking great as always and has a number of fine products at affordable prices.  I recently bought almost 200 dollars worth of bumper stickers, knick-knacks and whatever, even a Rebel Flag bikini for my love.  Show your support for him and purchase your Rebel Attire from a true Confederate.

Phone 864-984-7484
Hours Monday-Saturday 8AM - 5PM